Dinner Menu
Winter 2021/22

Appetizers & Sides

Soup of the Day – $8
Served with house made Focaccia

Ranch Beans- $8
Slow simmered pinto beans with smoked ham hock, onions & garlic. Served with fresh cornbread and honey butter

Fried Brussel Sprouts – $10
Served with Roasted Garlic Aioli 

Deep fried Artichoke hearts –  $10
Lightly dusted with cornmeal and house rub, served with house made roasted garlic and goat cheese aioli

Pork Cracklins – $10
Served with Tapatio Crema

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables – $10
Brushed with roasted garlic oil & herbs, served with warm smoked carrot-parmesan dip

House-made Bacon and GreenOnion Tots – $10
Bite sized baked potatoes served with cheddar cheese sour cream

Groveland’s Famous Cheese Board – $25
A mixture of Tomales Bay, Cowgirl and Rocky Oaks Creameries cheeses, salami, dried fruits, jams, nuts and house focaccia



Shrimp & Grits – $35
Sautéed in garlic butter, white wine and spicy Cajun seasoning, served over creamy house grits, with goat cheese and fresh focaccia

Not Your Momma’s Meatloaf – $35
Wagyu beef meatloaf served over confit garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and house Au Jus

Pork chop – $35
8oz center cut loin chop, pan roasted and served over rice pilaf with roasted thyme scented yams & apples

Fried Chicken – $35
Buttermilk marinated chicken, deep fried golden brown.  Served with wilted pork jowl bacon slaw, roasted potatoes and house made biscuit with honey butter

Beans & Greens over Polenta – $25
Cannellini beans with sautéed winter greens over warm house polenta. Add cheese: $2 Add braised beef: $5

Mushroom Risotto – $25
Creamy Risotto made with house vegetable broth and seared mushrooms.  Topped with roasted Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts, Parmesan & Goat Cheeses

Lasagna – $25
Individually baked to order with house-made sauce and 3-cheese blend, served with focaccia. Add braised beef $5

Mushroom Stroganoff – $25
Portobello and button mushrooms sautéed with aromatics in sour cream over butter noodles. Add braised beef $5

Mac-n-cheese – $25
Elbow mac, smothered in house mornay sauce, breadcrumbs and baked to bubbly goodness.  Add sautéed seasonal vegetables or braised beef: $5


Bread pudding with whiskey cream sauce – $10
New York style Cheesecake with warm apple compote – $10