It’s Even Easier to Get to Yosemite – Electric Vehicles on Vacation

Heading to Yosemite?  Groveland is the hot new Electric Vehicle (EV) destination for California drivers.  2017 brought Groveland one of the area’s only Tesla Superchargers.  Just off Highway 120 in downtown Groveland, the supercharger is easy to find and use.   Thanks to a tech-savvy earlier owner, the Groveland Hotel brought Tesla charging to Tuolumne County in 2014, offering its guests the area’s first Tesla charging station.  We are continuing this tradition and this station is still available for hotel guests at no charge.  Visitors can use the Tesla charger for only $5.00.  In the spirit of inclusion, Groveland Hotel also offers a non-Tesla charging station adjacent to its office building.  This EV charging port is also free to Groveland Hotel guests and available for a $5.00 charge to visitors.

A stop-over in Groveland allows travelers to recharge their EV’s before heading into Yosemite Valley or across Tioga Pass.  For guests planning just a quick stop while their EV’s charge, Groveland offers some walkable good local restaurants like Cocina Michoacana or the historic Iron Door Saloon.  Get a coffee boost at Firefall Coffee or Mountain Sage Coffee.  Surf while you recharge.  Most restaurants and coffee shops in Groveland offer free wi-fi to patrons and local internet provider Conifer Communications offers free wi-fi throughout Groveland. 

Travelers looking for a longer break can book one of our newly renovated rooms at the Groveland Hotel.  No matter how you got here, one of our rooms is sure to suit you.  Choose one of our Classic rooms, suites or try your luck in Lyle’s room (is it haunted?). 

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