Amenities at Our Historic Gold Mining Town Hotel

Our 1850s California property may be steeped in history, but our amenities are nothing short of today’s best. Explore the property-wide and in-room amenities that make the Groveland Hotel the distinguished choice among Yosemite area hotels.

Property amenities:

  • Two-story wrap around balcony
  • Tiered outdoor patio
  • Free parking
  • Free Tesla charging station (more located at the park just down from the hotel)
  • Free electric car charging outlet (more located at the park just down from the hotel)
  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the property

In-room amenities:

  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Select pet-friendly rooms
  • King, queen, and twin-sized beds
  • Private bathroom in each room
  • In-room Keurig coffee/tea maker
  • Free local and long-distance calls within the US
  • Free wireless Internet access in all rooms
  • Clock radio with alarm upon request
  • Hair dryers
  • Color satellite TV in all rooms
  • Roll-away beds (available at front desk for select rooms only)
  • Iron upon request
  • Daily housekeeping

Experience a relaxing and comfortable getaway in Groveland with our spacious rooms, upscale amenities, and attentive yet unobtrusive service.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Tuolumne County’s First Tesla Charging Station

Our high-powered wall charger, located in the east parking area, will give your Tesla a full charge in an average of 170 minutes. This service is provided absolutely free to all hotel guests; those just passing through can use our charger for a nominal fee of $5 (payable at the Front Desk) to cover the cost of the electricity.  The are also additional Tesla charging stations in the public parking lot behind the Historic Groveland Jail. 

Hotel guests who have other types of electric cars may plug into our outside outlet in the parking lot by our office and charge their cars overnight or they may go to the Mary Laveroni Park located just down the street from the hotel and plug into full electric car charging stations. 

ADA Property FeaturesHandicap symbol

Parking: We have one van parking space located next to the entrance to the hotel property. Our ADA van parking spot is next to a fence/curb.  In order for a handicap person to use a van lift, they will need to pull forward 5′ from our ADA spot to easily utilize their van lift and then move directly into the hotel. 

Exterior Routes: From the entrance to the hotel property, there is a level and direct route to the front desk. The first portion of this approach is a wood deck, which turns into concrete.  The registration for the hotel is located on the first floor off of the concrete veranda. There is a slight rise from the walkway into the registration area. Should a guest want to avoid this rise, they may enter through the Provisions doorway (our store) and come directly to the front desk. 

Building Entrances & Lobby: The entrance to the hotel is level with no steps or slopes. The handle on the front door is a levered handle that can be opened with one hand without grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. The door has two sides; the second side can be easily opened to create a larger than 50” space. The front desk is 40” tall, but we will walk around the front desk with a clipboard to accommodate any guest’s needs.

Interior Routes: The hallway to our ADA room (room 110) is fully accessible with a width of 32”, no slopes, and ample clear floor space inside the door opening. The door is 36” wide and has a levered door handle for easy opening. There are no protruding objects in the hallway.

You can book this room online or please call us 24 hours/7 days a week at 209-962-4000 or email us at and we would be happy to find the room that most meets your needs.  Please note we are a historical hotel and have made every effort possible to have fully accessible rooms, but do have some constraints due to the historic nature of our property.

To get to the upstairs rooms in the hotel, the stairs have hand rails on the left side and there is enough clearance that persons with low vision will not hit their head. We do not have an elevator, drinking fountain or public telephone. 

Public/Common Use Restrooms: We have a public restroom that is 90”x62” and has an accessible toilet measuring 18” tall. There is a horizontal grab bar on the adjacent side wall and behind the toilet both measuring 40” and located 36” from the floor. The lavatory wash basin has insulated pipes and faucet is easy to operate with one hand without tight grasping, pinching or twisting the wrist. There is ample room for a person in a wheelchair to turn around. Due to the historic status of our building, there is 27” of clearance under the wash basin which is in historic alignment with our building. We are working to find a different wash basin that both provides the 30″ clearance and also is in alignment with our building history. 

Interior Signs: All signs are no higher than 60″.

Food Service Areas: We have an accessible table in our dining area inside and all of our tables outside meet the height and clearance regulations.

Guest Room: We have one accessible guest room: ROOM 110. Click on the room for a list of the room’s accessibility features.