Wine Discovery for Two Persons

Available October 15 - April 15, excluding holidays.


Wine Discovery is a selection of four wines by the sommelier, including two white wines and two red wines. Each wine is presented in a two-ounce carafe, on a wooden paddle, designed to hold the four samplers.  A Wine Discovery session generally is completed in 1-1/2 hours – sometimes more, depending on the lively conversation.

As each wine is tasted, a written description of each wine is presented to the guests. Discussion among the group ensues, regarding the terroir, vintage significance, winemaker, wine region, ratings, food pairings, etc.

Occasionally, the discussion will move to other relevant areas of wine. One discussion involved stemware and how the correct wine glass can make a huge difference in a wine’s taste.

We borrowed small, five ounce wine glasses from the saloon next door. Each wine was tasted in both the small glass and the hotel’s fabulous Schott Zwiesel Titanium Oxide Crystal stemware, appropriate to the wine varietal. The result was absolute amazement and the difference great stemware can make.

The Wine Discovery Session is also offered ‘a la carte’ for guests only interested in the wine segment. Cost is $18/person.

Come to Wine Discovery every second and fourth Friday (by appointment)!

Wine Discovery Adventure includes:

Wine Discovery
Three-Course Dinner
Bottle of Wine
Accommodations in a “Really Nice” or “Extremely Nice” room for Wine Discovery Night
Expanded Innkeeper’s Breakfast
Gate Pass to Yosemite National Park
$260. Room ~ $360. Suite
Tax and Gratuities Additional

(Not valid with any other offer or discount, not valid on holidays)

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We’ll look forward to meeting our wineaux friends.