Winter Magic Season Finale with John Gardenier

John Gardenier magician performance

The 2012-13 inaugural season of our new Winter Magic entertainment series concluded on February 22 with the dapper and funny John Gardenier. This wildly entertaining show was marked with lots of audience participation and a very special secret guest, if you were fast enough to spot him.

John asked a young lady at the birthday table in the corner to write her name on a little pink handkerchief, which somehow showed up inside the box for a deck of cards on the other side of the room. Astonishing! How did it get there? John graciously offered to reveal the trick, demonstrating in super slow motion!

Repeating the trick, the technique became obvious. One of his sons is a ninja, as captured by our high-speed camera, and made the switch so fast that nobody could see it!

Remember the “Red Bull with a Twist” gag done by Robert Baxt at the beginning of our series? John had his own version, with a mail-order magic trick that wasn’t quite right. The recording instructed him to take a bandana from the box… and instead, someone had included a banana. Things got really messy when he had to fold the bandana/banana in half… and then in half again… But, somehow, it miraculously disappeared anyway to everyone’s delight.

At the conclusion of the show, the audience demanded an encore, the first of the whole series. John was happy to comply, and correctly guessed all three cards selected by audience members, one of whom had told me confidently, “There’s no possible way he can pull this one off.” Surprise!

We anticipate another magical winter season! If you have any requests or ideas for our next Winter Magic series, please let us know. We even have a waiting list of magicians who want to come to the hotel for 2013-14, so watch for more news about our talent line-up this fall. Thank you to all who attended, especially those special audience members who played along and were an important part of the magic memories for everyone.

Groveland 2013