The Mesmerizing Lawrence Lemon

Lawrence Lemon and some giant playing cards

Each of the Winter Magic magicians is different from the others, and of course mentalist Lawrence Lemon is no exception. Rather than the old-school vaudeville showman style of Robert Baxt, Lawrence stunned the audience with seemingly impossible feats of mind-reading.

Put a large six-sided die in a wooden box and he will tell which side you’ve picked. Choose any number, write it on his little paper crystal ball, and he’ll guess it. Any name at random? Yep,  he’ll get it right.

“I had a dream last night,” began the horse race trick. He had written down the four-digit number from the dream on a small chalk board, then concealed it behind some paper before the evening had even begun. He picked a girl from the audience to run around with a stuffed horse, and when it reached the “finish line” of the race, a card was picked from an oversized deck by another woman. Each time the horse went around, another card was picked and clipped to the top of the chalk board, running from right to left. Sure enough, the cards matched the numbers from his dream, and in the correct order that they were chosen.

For another trick, he got out a deck of cards. “No, I need bigger cards,” he said, then got a larger deck. “No, big cards,” he said, choosing an even larger deck the size of his arm. “No, no, I need BIG cards for this one!” Out came the cards that were at least two feet tall, to everyone’s amusement.

Nearly everything he did involved audience participation in some way. His opening trick had two audience members holding an empty paper grocery bag that he somehow pulled a full glass of water from. For “Cinderella and Prince Charming,” two cards from two separate sealed decks, chosen by audience members “Cinderella” and “Prince Charming” matched exactly. A woman pulled a token from a  bag of numbered tokens (it was confirmed they were all random numbers at the start), then found the sketch in a sketchbook that had the same number. Lawrence had put on a hood so that he couldn’t see what sketch was selected at random. When he pulled off the hood, however, he was wearing a Spider-Man mask that matched the Spider-Man sketch!

For the grand finale of the evening, he had an audience member place a knife, point-up, in one of five holes in a wooden board, then cover all the holes with Styrofoam cups. Which one held the knife? First, he crushed the cup on the far left. Then, the cup on the far right. Only three to go. Second from the right. Of course, we all knew which cup it was under, so with two remaining, he stared at them for some time. His right hand came down toward the cup holding the knife, causing a collective gasp to go up in the silence of the room, whereupon he stopped, smiled, and said, “Thank you.” Then he crushed the other cup safely to laughter and applause.

All in all, a night full of fun, magic, surprises, laughter, and mystifying tricks. If you prefer more flash and dazzle, however, Naathan Phan will be here December 14 with some furry and feathered friends for a fast-paced show full of slight-of-hand and comedy. He’s been described as “the Robin Williams of magic,” and he’s sure to keep you guessing with his rapid-fire tricks. Book today, this show is anticipated to sell out!

Groveland 2013