“Life in the Fast Lane” Rocks the Hotel California

Life in the Fast Lane rocks The Hotel California

The audience spilled out onto the dance floor and into the street when the Eagles tribute band, “Life in the Fast Lane” took the stage and literally left the crowd shouting for more. This dynamic five-piece had just as much fun as the audience did! They even left us thank-you notes:

“What a great place to perform! Thank you.”

“This place is awesome! We really enjoyed the gig and your hospitality in welcoming us.”

“Thank you Peggy & crew. Had a wonderful stay & play.”

When the talent is thanking you, rather than the other way around, you know you must be doing something right. There was one temperamental lighting stand at the beginning, but the show was otherwise flawless. Everyone sounded fantastic and the energy and showmanship was spot-on.

Besides just Eagles hits, they played a few Don Henley favorites such as “Dirty Laundry.” It wasn’t until the second set after the intermission that the party really got started, when more and more of the crowd left their seats to enjoy the dance floor.

We used to orient the stage along the back wall, where the new stonework is now, but with the addition of the portable dance floor, setting the stage up against the 1914 Annex works out much better in the rectangular space.

Where were you Friday night? If you missed this great show, you simply have to make it to one of our two remaining shows for the season! The Perfect Gentlemen is coming up fast on August 10, and these four amazingly talented fellows will take you on a musical, comedic journey through time. On September 7, our final show is the Tim McGraw tribute with Tom Drinnon, guaranteed to make you kick up your heels. For best seats, call us today for tickets, 209-962-4000.

Groveland 2013