Groveland is always on his mind – Elvis returns!

Peggy with an Elvis impersonatorTo end our summer concert series, we always invite one of our favorite entertainers back to the stage: Elvis Presley!

While we can’t invite the real legend, we can bring back the next best thing which is California’s own Rob Ely. Ely has won multiple awards for his portrayal of the rock n’ roll icon and is a wonderful entertainer in his own right. On September 12, you can catch his two-part act where he portrays Elvis in the 1950s and then during his comeback years in the late ‘60s.

Check him out in action below!

You might be wondering why always conclude our summer concerts with Elvis. Well, Elvis has a connection to the Groveland Hotel! Our owner and innkeeper, Peggy, went to high school with Elvis and were good friends. It’s quite a treat for him to come here and visit a childhood friend!

Get more details about the upcoming show by visiting the events page on Elvis Returns!

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