Groveland is always on his mind – Elvis returns!

To end our summer concert series, we always invite one of our favorite entertainers back to the stage: Elvis Presley!

While we can’t invite the real legend, we can bring back the next best thing which is California’s own Rob Ely. Ely has won multiple awards for his portrayal of the rock n’ roll icon and is a wonderful entertainer in his own right. On September 12, you can catch his two-part act where he portrays Elvis in the 1950s and then during his comeback years in the late ‘60s.

Check him out in action below!

Take it easy with the songs of the Eagles

Your eyes aren’t lying, you read that right! The music of the Eagles will be performed live at the Yosemite Courtyard Cabaret this August!

Life in the Fast Lane – Songs of The Eagles, an Eagles tribute band, performs the hits that you love and will want to sing along with. This show will take you back to the ‘70s with its wonderful vocals and guitar performance that made the original band famous. It’ll be easy to get lost in the music as the Eagles has six number one songs and 20 top hits during its tenure. With…

Sounds of the Beatles

It’s not just a band, it’s an experience seeing Britain’s Finest, the finest tribute band to The Beatles, this side of the Atlantic.

Not only will the authentic sounds of the band make you feel like you’re hearing the real Beatles but the realistic impersonation of the members and costumes will take you on a trip back in time.

This tribute band ensures the sounds are as accurate as possible by recreating as many details as possible when recording the music as well as performing it live. Though you probably won’t notice all the small details that go into the production, you be assured this band takes authenticity seriously.

Sing along with your favorite covers as John, Paul, George, and Ringo bring enthusiasm and fun to the stage as they play your favorites. You’ll also enjoy the playful banter and entertainment they bring between songs...

Fleetwood Mask

Known as the Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Experience, Fleetwood Mask is coming to Groveland. A Fleetwood Mac tribute band, they include the talents of Don Oberempt, Claudette Rodrigues, Mark Blasquez, Barbara Martin, and Paul Jones.

The band performs the greatest hits from the 1960s to the lineup that included Lindsey, Stevie, and Christine. Even Mick Fleetwood, a founding member of Fleetwood Mac, has given the tribute band praise and says they play music the way it’s supposed to be played – “with passion and with style.”

Yosemite Courtyard Cabaret Presents Travelin’ Band

They won’t be down on the corner or up around the bend, but Travelin’ Band, a Creedence Clearwater Revival (C.C.R.) tribute band, will be at The Groveland Hotel on Saturday, May 30.

Enjoy your favorite hit songs that sound exactly like C.C.R.’s lead singer John Fogerty is singing them by the talented Travelin’ Band’s lead singer Michael Furlong. Let Bad Moon Rising and Susie Q take you back to a different era without leaving the beauty of Groveland.

Tickets are $23 and include the performance. Dinner service (not included…

Yosemite Courtyard Cabaret on Big Blend Magazine Podcast!

Yosemite Courtyard Cabaret performers

Big Blend Magazine's podcast featured Vintage Day and Way Out West in 1864 on their show Sunday! Bruce Tepper, of the Tuolumne County Visitor's Bureau, was a guest. Our segment begins at 42:55, have a listen!

Winter Magic Season Finale with John Gardenier

John Gardenier magician performance

The 2012-13 inaugural season of our new Winter Magic entertainment series concluded on February 22 with the dapper and funny John Gardenier. This wildly entertaining show was marked with lots of audience participation and a very special secret guest, if you were fast enough to spot him.

John asked a young lady at the birthday table in the corner to write her name on a little pink handkerchief, which somehow showed up inside the box for a deck of cards on the other side of the room. Astonishing! How did it get there? John graciously offered…

Laughs and Trickery with Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson on the cover of the Union Democrat Weekender

True to his word, Larry Wilson “blew a few minds” with his amazing brand of magic that blended stand-up comedy with impressive feats of mentalism and sleight-of-hand. One of the fun things about his show is that he isn’t afraid to give away a few secrets, while keeping quite a few to himself so that he could continue to dazzle and mesmerize.

As with all our Winter Magic shows, the evening began at 7:00 as Larry roamed between tables, demonstrating his exceptional prestidigitation up close and personal to the delight of our dinner guests.

Naathan Phan’s Magical Menagerie Mania

Naathan Phan makes it snow inside The Groveland Hotel

Guests were thrilled by our “best magician yet” who pulled out all the stops to perform a show that was varied, hilarious, and touching. He never stopped moving, so it was difficult to get good photos in the low-light environment, but we did capture a few snapshots of this mercurial magician.Naathan started the evening with an incredibly simple routine that was also incredibly funny, involving a fake squirrel brought to life with clever finger work. He described how to use the trick squirrel to mess with waiters in restaurants, but I won’t give away the punch line, which had…

The Mesmerizing Lawrence Lemon

Lawrence Lemon and some giant playing cards

Each of the Winter Magic magicians is different from the others, and of course mentalist Lawrence Lemon is no exception. Rather than the old-school vaudeville showman style of Robert Baxt, Lawrence stunned the audience with seemingly impossible feats of mind-reading.

Put a large six-sided die in a wooden box and he will tell which side you’ve picked. Choose any number, write it on his little paper crystal ball, and he’ll guess it. Any name at random? Yep,  he’ll get it right.

“I had a dream last night,” began the horse race trick. He had written down the…

A Magical Experience with Robert Baxt!

Robert Baxt and Jim from the audience

Saturday, October 13 was one of the most magical nights yet at The Groveland Hotel and Cellar Door Restaurant! Comedy magician Robert Baxt, 15-year veteran of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, entertained a SOLD OUT room with silliness and mystical slight-of-hand. He combined a number of tricks and gags, both classic and new.

Beginning at 7:00 PM, Robert entertained those who were just sitting down or who had ordered and were waiting for their appetizers to arrive by roaming to the various tables and doing amazing close-up tricks that people are still talking about. The usual “pick a…

“Life in the Fast Lane” Rocks the Hotel California

Life in the Fast Lane rocks The Hotel California

The audience spilled out onto the dance floor and into the street when the Eagles tribute band, “Life in the Fast Lane” took the stage and literally left the crowd shouting for more. This dynamic five-piece had just as much fun as the audience did! They even left us thank-you notes:

“What a great place to perform! Thank you.”

“This place is awesome! We really enjoyed the gig and your hospitality in welcoming us.”

“Thank you Peggy & crew. Had a wonderful stay & play.”

When the talent is thanking you, rather than the other…