Naathan Phan’s Magical Menagerie Mania

Naathan Phan makes it snow inside The Groveland Hotel

Guests were thrilled by our “best magician yet” who pulled out all the stops to perform a show that was varied, hilarious, and touching. He never stopped moving, so it was difficult to get good photos in the low-light environment, but we did capture a few snapshots of this mercurial magician.Naathan started the evening with an incredibly simple routine that was also incredibly funny, involving a fake squirrel brought to life with clever finger work. He described how to use the trick squirrel to mess with waiters in restaurants, but I won’t give away the punch line, which had everyone in stitches.

In a twist on the usual “is this your card?” gag, he had a member of the audience write her name on a playing card with a marker, then put it in her pocket after showing everyone what it was. Naathan went through several clever and funny gags that picked the wrong card, and for the finale gave her an apology gift of a bottle of white wine – which contained the card with her own name on it under the sealed cork!

Somehow he transformed a trained dove (that gives “high-fives” with its wing) into a large white rabbit before everyone’s eyes, and just could not get rid of a seemingly endless supply of red foam balls that kept appearing from his mouth, his pockets, and the hands of his young assistant, a boy from the audience.

The climax to Naathan’s energetic show was escaping from a straight jacket, and not just that, doing it while singing at the same time! In a lovely, gentle, grand finale, he made it “snow” over the heads of the audience by combining a paper snowflake he made while telling about what it was like to see his first snowfall, a little water, and a little wind in the form of a large red fan. Moments later, white confetti drifted throughout the dining room to the delight of everyone there. Winter magic indeed!

Our next show is international star of stage and screen, Larry Wilson, who has his own show at Harrah’s Reno, titled “Wonderland.” He has appeared on numerous television shows for decades, in every major entertainment venue from Las Vegas to Hollywood to Atlantic City, and has been the opening act for such luminaries as Sammy Davis, Jr., Ann-Margret, Chicago, Natalie Cole, and many more.

Do not miss this show! Every Winter Magic show  has reached capacity, and there are only two shows left in the series, so do not wait to reserve your seats in advance before the last one… disappears!

Groveland 2013