Lyle, The Permanent Lodger

Room 15 could be double-booked when you stay at The Groveland Hotel. Lyle, a loner and kindly old gentleman, is the permanent resident of Room 15. Lyle, whose last name is another mystery, came to the Groveland Hotel during the 1920s. He was a panner who prospected the Spring Gulch region, east of the hotel.

A miner with exemplary taste, he chose nothing but the best when it came to his lodgings. Possibly a little eccentric, Lyle was said to have slept with a case of dynamite under his hotel bed. He liked The Groveland Hotel so well, that after his demise in 1927, he opted for a permanent stay.

We are pretty sure that the dynamite is gone from under the bed, but as always, Lyle is finicky about his quarters. Guests often complain that Lyle moves articles placed on the dresser top. He hates women’s cosmetics on “his” dresser. Always fastidious about hygiene, Lyle is always turning the shower and sink faucets on and off. He does have one idiosyncrasy that can be a bother if you like to read late at night: Lyle hates bright lights and will often dim the lights.

Overall, quite the perfect house guest, Lyle finds his room the most popular of The Groveland Hotel’s 17 stately guest rooms.